How I Would Design a Customer Journey in Finance (a series)

A series about customer journey design in finance


Below are the installments of this series which will take you through my thought on how to build a new customer journey in finance.

This series will discuss and try to answer questions such as:

  • What is a customer journey in finance?

  • What are the main parts of a customer journey in finance?

  • Why are customer journeys important in finance?

  • How do you structure a customer journey in finance?

  • How do you analyse a customer journey in finance?

  • What are the best practices and what is a good customer journey in finance?


Understand What Problem You are Solving—How to Think When Starting Out Designing a New Customer Journey in Finance.

Don’t Hold your Clients Back—Why Not Offering “Test Drives” of Financial Products is a Major Mistake

Asking for the Minimum Amount of Information Possible—How to think about the amount of information you gather during the fact find phase of a customer journey

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